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MARION, S.C. – The Children’s Outreach for Education’s 14th annual Back-to-School supplies giveaway helped it’s largest crowd ever, donating to more than 1,000 people over the weekend.
Organizer Ellen Baldwin said volunteers were able to feed the crowd with fried fish and hotdogs before distributing an assortment of school supplies including book bags and uniforms. Prior to Sunday’s rally outside at the Pop Dorsey Park, volunteers paid a visit to the Sellers community to donate items.
“We had enough for 1,500 kids ,” Baldwin said. “We had so many donors to help out. We really were blessed and we do it all year for the kids. I thank God for all my volunteers. It makes my heart feel good because we love giving to children and doing things from the kids.”
Baldwin spent the summer working at the park with more than 50 children as part of a summer feeding program.
Baldwin has eight grandchildren making education a passion and concern. “We started with 25 children 14 years ago and it continues to grow.”police Chief Dewayne Tennie dropped off supplies on behalf of the department, adding that activities such as Baldwin’s is an event many people look forward to attending and helping out.
“I’m just excited about what’s going on and I think it’s a good thing what Ms. Baldwin is doing for the community,” he said. “This a good opportunity to give to those that really need and I’m happy to be a part of that.”
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This stuff was Donated from all type's
of store's. I am hoping by the help of the people and big giver's and big helper's that this coporation will grow
so they will be more they enough for every child in the world. Because it's nothing like that feeling when i hand a child a backpack with supplies and they say thank you and give you a big big smile. so why not help us give them more.